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Environmental Policy

StyroArt is committed to continually improve and promote a sound environment practice. We believe that environmental protection and ongoing awareness is an important issue and an integral part of our strategy in operating our business.

Our commitment to reduce all negative environmental effects of our operations to an absolute minimum, while maintaining the exceptional quality of our products, ensures that we prevent possible environmental impact. Maintaining a clean environment and conserving our natural resources concerns us all.

With this significant responsibility in mind, StyroArt makes the following Environmental Statement an integral part of our business objective and operating philosophy.

Recycling and Waste Management

All used ink cartridges are recycled through “Cartridges for Planet Ark” which prevents pollution by ensuring that none of the cartridges collected are dumped in landfill. The processing of cartridges operates within strict environmental management systems.

Minimise the amount of packaging on outgoing products by re-using as much incoming packaging as possible.

Waste management includes the appropriate treatment of specific kinds of waste and the recycling of all consumable waste. Any remaining waste is disposed of by licensed contractors.

Power Consumption

Electricity is supplied solely by Greenpower which is renewable energy sourced from the sun, wind, water and waste.

To minimise consumption of energy and maximise the efficiency of how it is used we are continually re-investing in new technology and seeking to purchase technology that meets or exceeds any existing manufacturing and environmental emission criteria.

Suppliers and Products

Where possible, we strive to purchase products and services from companies with proven environmental performance. Develop and adopt a purchasing policy that favours environmentally-preferred products and supplies.

Inks used are Water-based pigment inks and Eco-solvent inks.

Encourage the use of recycled and environmentally responsible materials such as recycled paper, non toxic Vinyl for Banners and Eco Friendly boards made from 100% recycled materials that decompose in landfill conditions.


Reviewing our processes and evaluating the options for eliminating, reducing or mitigating any associated environmentally detrimental effects.

Inform all employees of their responsibilities, to ensure good environmental housekeeping is maintained, and the contribution they can make in achieving continual improvements in environmental performance.

Liaise with our clients and suppliers, to encourage and promote sound environmental practice, in the selection of all materials used in the company’s business.

We take our responsibilities in this important area very seriously and we have a carefully defined environmental policy which is constantly being updated and refined. This will enable us to benchmark our performance against similar companies and industry standards.

StyroArt has a mission to create and maintain a working environment that is safe for our employees, the communities in which we work, and the earth on which we live.

Peter Twining
Managing Director